Construction Management and General Contracting


Devil's Slide Project, San Francisco, CA

The Devil’s Slide project is located on State Route 1 in San Mateo County. This project will construct approximately 1,981 linear of new alignment along State Route 1, consisting of two parallel tunnels, approaches, and two cantilever bridges, and an operations and maintenance building. Jeff Cooper works on the two main contracts which are the construction of the 2 bridges and 2 tunnels.

The Devil’s Slide Project Bridges connect the north portal of each tunnel to Highway 1. Both bridges pass over a valley at Shamrock Ranch that contains a pond and wetlands. During construction, the wetland area will be fenced off to protect an environmentally sensitive area.

Each bridge has a total length of approximately 1000 feet. Two sets of twin piers on each side of the valley produce main spans about 445 feet long. At the highest point the bridges are 125 feet above the valley floor and are curved to provide a smooth transition from each portal to the existing alignment of Highway 1.

Devil’s Slide Tunnels and Approaches will utilize the Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM), a sequential excavation method. The 1,220 meters (4,000 feet) long twin tunnels terminate near the southern abutments of twin bridges that are being constructed under separate contracts. The horseshoe-shaped tunnels are 9 meters (30 feet) wide and 6.8 meters (22 feet) high and approximately 18 meters (59 feet) apart. The tunnels will be excavated from south to north. There are 10 cross passages for emergency egress, 3 equipment chambers, and 16 jet fans in each tunnel for ventilation. The portals at each end of the tunnels are constructed by cut and cover methods. The tunnels have lighting, fire protection, operations and control systems, along with architectural features. An operations and maintenance building will be located south of the tunnels at the excavation disposal area.

CPM provided scheduling and claims analysis services to support the Caltrans management team. CPM reviews and analyzes every schedule update submittal against the approved baseline schedule activity markup sheets of every schedule update to all inspectors to assist them during their inspection work. Also, we developed synopsis of every potential claim that are identified by the project team, prior to receiving any notice from the contractor, in order to be ready to respond to the claims as soon as they are issued. Other tasks that are requested by the RE, in which CPM assists includes improving log registers, correspondences, submittals, RFIs; budget/cost reports; recording meeting minutes, and developing cash flow charts. This project is relevant in that it illustrates CPM's construction scheduling support and claims analysis experience, and exhibits our familiarity with working with Caltrans District 4.

Client/Agency: California Department of Transportation District 4
Cost: $338.6M
Services Provided: Scheduling and Claims Support