Construction Management and General Contracting


Program Management

We manage multiple and inter-related projects that comprise a program. Our focus is on scope definition, contract packaging, project delivery selection, budget development, master schedule development, program procedures and reporting, design and construction management, startup and commissioning, and program closeout.

Construction Management

Our core business is construction management. We administer the construction contract on behalf of the Owner and facilitate timely and safe completion of the work. Our responsibility includes contract administration; quality assurance; processing of project correspondence including RFIs and submittals; review and approval of pay application; schedule management and cost control; change management; safety oversight; interface with other third parties; commissioning; and contract closeout.

Project Controls

CPM is at the forefront of the latest technological advancement in project controls, integrating schedule information and manpower forecasts with cost elements. We keep projects organized and its participants fully informed with Critical Path Method scheduling. The key elements of project controls are:

  • Development of Realistic Budgets and Schedules
  • Accurate Performance Measurement “as-planned vs. as-built”
  • Forecasting and Trending
  • Preparation of Informative Reports
  • Development of Effective Solutions

Each project is systematically maintained and updated - an effective process for monitoring the fulfillment of responsibilities of each member of the project team. Our experience in project controls allows us to anticipate problems and develop alternatives to assist the owner in reaching practical and cost effective solutions.

Cost Estimating

CPM provides a complete range of estimating services during progressive stages of a project:

  • Conceptual - Cost estimates for feasibility studies, alternative studies, economic analysis and budget development
  • Design Development – Cost estimates for budget verification during design phases with value engineering support
  • Bidding – Cost estimates in support of bid evaluation
  • Construction – Independent cost estimates that verify changes in scope, addition or deletion of work and evaluation of contractor claims.
  • Post-construction - Estimating support to assist in project closeout

Our estimators have extensive experience in cost estimating the full spectrum of disciplines including civil, structural, architectural, landscaping, mechanical, fire alarm, electrical and special systems.

Field Inspection

Often construction projects, particularly government and other publicly funded projects, require that an independent consultant monitor day to day construction activities for code compliance and quality assurance as required by the contract documents (plans and specifications). CPM employs inspection staff that is familiar with applicable codes, facilities operations and safety standards. Our inspectors recognize the importance of keeping the project moving forward, prompting them to work effectively with the Owner, designer and contractor in developing solutions to construction issues while maintaining the quality of work and ensuring conformance with the contract documents.

Claims Analysis

Although CPM takes a proactive role in the elimination and mitigation of construction claims - they still arise. We provide our clients with capable staff in the preparation and evaluation of project claims. Our expertise in project controls affords us the fundamental
understanding of the root cause and effect of construction issues, thereby allowing us to assess causation, quantify the schedule and cost impact, and formulate a negotiation position. When the need for claims resolution arises, we assist our client in preparing and evaluating claims towards equitable settlements. CPM has provided claims support to both public and private clients, which have resulted in favorable outcomes. We assist in reviewing claims; prepare or evaluate delay analysis; calculate and demonstrate the effect; develop strategies and positions; establish entitlement; and prepare exhibits for use during negotiations or legal proceedings.

Online Project Management

Online Project Management at CPM falls into two main categories. The first category involves project management using third party software, such as Prolog, SharePoint and Microsoft Project Web Access. These software are licensed by CPM, installed at CPM Web servers and are available to our clients. The second category involves the custom written Web applications. These applications are developed by the CPM staff and perfected to fit our clients’ needs. The main features of both categories are communication and collaboration between team members, data collection and project status. Because these online services are offered over the Internet, there is need neither to buy expensive hardware or software, nor to install or maintain it. All hardware and software are maintained by CPM. Online services are accessible over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week among the authorized users. Our Project Managers are experts in budget and master schedule development, contract packaging, design management, bid services, contract administration and negotiation, change management, third party coordination and construction oversight. Our staff specializes in quality assurance, project controls, document control, cost estimating, claim analysis, interface utility/agency coordination, testing and startup coordination throughout all phases of a project—planning, design, bidding, construction, and through to final closeout.